will – cd cover design

ive chosen to do a cd package for the band/artist Grimes, music by Canadian artisit Claire Boucher.  Depending on whom you ask, Grimes, the 23-year-old synth-pop musician, evokes Björk, Enya, Daft Punk, Donna Summer, the Eurythmics, Nicki Minaj, Toni Basil, Zola Jesus or the Smiths. For her part, Boucher describes her bewildering, genre-defying soundscapes and high-pitched falsetto as “post-Internet.” What, exactly, does this mean? “The music of my childhood was really diverse because I had access to everything, so the music I make is sort of schizophrenic”.

Grimes is one of the many emerging musicians in the underground indie music scene. I feel fitting in along with other acts such as WIDOWSPEAK,


THE VIVIAN GIRLS, even now well established


These artists are all creating very emotive music, some quite original. Their current album covers are generally hand drawn illustrations or simple unstaged photographs. Its an idea of simplicity and sticking with their roots and the vibe that their music produces, nothing too flashy but highly emotive. http://www.vbs.tv is a great sight where this style of music and culture of underground artists, journalism and everything else is found.

Im going with card for the packaging, for a more organic feel which portrays a less established artist. A good example of this is the recently released surf film by Dane Reynolds Thrills, Spills and What Not, in which this style of music features.

This is the cover of the packaging, completely hand drawn, and made from paper with threaded stitching for the binding. I think the over all style is less is more, and building an image around the music itself rather than music for an image.


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