I was pretty keen to do a visual interpretation of an emerging style of music I’ve been listening to that sits between a couple of more established genres.

One end of the scale is being called post-dubstep (Burial, Blake) but I think there’s a connection between a more mediative and ambient sound (Clams Casino, Fourtet). Maybe that’s an UK US distinction. But there are also Canandian/US artists like Caribou and Flying Lotus that have a strong bass presence and have a leanings towards dubstep. Somewhere in there there’s a darker sound with a underlying hip-hop influence sometimes known as witch-house (Salem).

All the music derives from a black heritage (dub/hip-hop) and was something I was interested in. I was sort of reminded of the stones appropriating rhythm and blues in the early sixties.

Visually I wanted to work with Reid Miles classic jazz aesthetic – as a reference to black music and also because of the relationship the music has with the idea of the grid (a staple of Miles’). So I wanted to interpret the music through layout. I love the simplicity of form and colour of Miles’ work but I wanted to introduce texture into it and hold that up against the flat jazz look. I was also going to make reference to Vignelli’s idea’s on the grid and proportion as a starting point and something to syncopate against visually.

There’s a few things I’m interested in working with like white appropriation of black music/ ¬†handrawn rough and clean digital/ traditional and modern ¬†– but ultimately these are visual elements that will convey a sense of the music.