Discuss in 250 words can furniture be art? Discuss this with regard to materials and technology



Choose one of the following Fashion Illustrators and write a post of 250 words, min 5 images and 5 links.

2.  Francois Berthoud

3.  Hiroshi Tanabe

4.  Jason Brooks

5.  Kareem Iliya

6.  Anja Kroencke

7.  Jordi Labanda

8.  Lorenzo Mattoti

9.  Edland Man

10. Henri Matchavariani

11. Bob Mackie

12. Ruben Toledo

13. Cinzia Ruggeri

14. Maddalena Sisto

15.Tobie Giddio

16. Liselotte Watkins

17. Rene Gruau

18. Stina Persson

19. Jerry Seguin

20. Jacqueline Bissett

21. Sarah Hankinson

22. Akari Inoguchi

23. Gary Fernandez

24. Peter Winnett

25. Tanya Ling

26. Hilary Knight

27. Anna Wintour.

28. Sandra Suy

29. Raphaël Vicenzi

30. Petra Dufkova

31. Noumeda Carbone

32. Naja Conrad

33. Nadia Flower

34. Marguerite Sauvage

35. Manuel Rebollo

36. .Linn Olofsdotter

37. Laura Laine

38. Lanitta Makarova

Keep the Feeling – SAM


My intentions –

Alternative Rock/Indie Rock/Garage Rock

Indie rock is a sub-genre of alternative rock that originated in the United Kingdom and the United States in the 1980s. Indie rock is extremely diverse.

My Influences are –

Cold War Kids

British India

Foals –

Joy Division, Incubus, The Kooks, Dead Letter Circus, Howling Bells, The Dead Weather, The Cure, The Smiths, Rooney, Radiohead, & Karnivool.

I will be designing a slip case, with illustrations and hand-written words combined with type.

Some Album Covers –

Slip Case Packaging –


I was pretty keen to do a visual interpretation of an emerging style of music I’ve been listening to that sits between a couple of more established genres.

One end of the scale is being called post-dubstep (Burial, Blake) but I think there’s a connection between a more mediative and ambient sound (Clams Casino, Fourtet). Maybe that’s an UK US distinction. But there are also Canandian/US artists like Caribou and Flying Lotus that have a strong bass presence and have a leanings towards dubstep. Somewhere in there there’s a darker sound with a underlying hip-hop influence sometimes known as witch-house (Salem).

All the music derives from a black heritage (dub/hip-hop) and was something I was interested in. I was sort of reminded of the stones appropriating rhythm and blues in the early sixties.

Visually I wanted to work with Reid Miles classic jazz aesthetic – as a reference to black music and also because of the relationship the music has with the idea of the grid (a staple of Miles’). So I wanted to interpret the music through layout. I love the simplicity of form and colour of Miles’ work but I wanted to introduce texture into it and hold that up against the flat jazz look. I was also going to make reference to Vignelli’s idea’s on the grid and proportion as a starting point and something to syncopate against visually.

There’s a few things I’m interested in working with like white appropriation of black music/  handrawn rough and clean digital/ traditional and modern  – but ultimately these are visual elements that will convey a sense of the music.

CD – My Intentions

Monsterio Deliciosio


Folktronica or electrofolk is a genre of music comprising various elements of folk music and electronica, often featuring samplings of acoustic instruments—especially stringed instruments—and incorporating hip hop rhythms. Computers used during the recording process. It is a music and sound exploration mixing acoustics with electro-acoustic instrumentation and found sounds through sampling and field recordings.

I like to create a sculptural Cd cover that will be something you would like to sit out as a piece of art.

will – cd cover design

ive chosen to do a cd package for the band/artist Grimes, music by Canadian artisit Claire Boucher.  Depending on whom you ask, Grimes, the 23-year-old synth-pop musician, evokes Björk, Enya, Daft Punk, Donna Summer, the Eurythmics, Nicki Minaj, Toni Basil, Zola Jesus or the Smiths. For her part, Boucher describes her bewildering, genre-defying soundscapes and high-pitched falsetto as “post-Internet.” What, exactly, does this mean? “The music of my childhood was really diverse because I had access to everything, so the music I make is sort of schizophrenic”.

Grimes is one of the many emerging musicians in the underground indie music scene. I feel fitting in along with other acts such as WIDOWSPEAK,


THE VIVIAN GIRLS, even now well established


These artists are all creating very emotive music, some quite original. Their current album covers are generally hand drawn illustrations or simple unstaged photographs. Its an idea of simplicity and sticking with their roots and the vibe that their music produces, nothing too flashy but highly emotive. is a great sight where this style of music and culture of underground artists, journalism and everything else is found.

Im going with card for the packaging, for a more organic feel which portrays a less established artist. A good example of this is the recently released surf film by Dane Reynolds Thrills, Spills and What Not, in which this style of music features.

This is the cover of the packaging, completely hand drawn, and made from paper with threaded stitching for the binding. I think the over all style is less is more, and building an image around the music itself rather than music for an image.

Debbie – CD Cover design

My cd will be a combination of female artists, a mixture of alternative/pop/soul. It will be printed on brown recycled cardboard with the theme of Alice in Wonderland. It will be illustrative, with a hand drawn feel. I have shown design style ideas below.The title will be Through the Looking Glass. It will incorporate a die cut window on the front cd cover. Images such as clocks, owls, swirls andkeys will  be used throughout the artwork as a reoccurring design feature.

It will have a whimsical/ storybook feel, but with a more subdued colour palette rather than bright and popping colour palette. The writing will have a hand drawn feel.